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Altrad Limex d.o.o.

In 1999, Limex built a factory that soon became one of Europe’s largest concrete mixer manufacturers, recognized for quality and competitiveness beyond the national borders. Altrad Limex d.o.o., as a member of Altrad Group, is strategically ideally positioned between the East and West, allowing faster deliveries and lower transport costs. With a large volume of production, we are able to provide lower final product prices, while retaining the high quality recognized by the European market starting from 90s of the last century. Since 2009, Limex is owned by the French Altrad Group and thanks to the new owner continue with the investments, constant improvement of existing and production of new products. continuous growth of all segments of the company enabled us to sell in over 30 countries with export share of over 90%. In our business, we give the greatest possible attention to sustainable development, maximum care for each employee and protection of the human environment. Our employees will be happy to answer all your inquiries in the shortest time possible, with huge and efficient production capacities, state of the art technologies, knowledge and experience we are able to meet even the most demanding customer needs.

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